Grade 4

The word Grade 4

Grade 4 Activities

BBC Typing
Enchanted Learning - text layout in various shapes
Funbrain Grade 4 Games
Grade 4 Computer Games
Hour of Code
IXL - Fourth Grade Math Practice
Johnnie's Math Page
Math Fact Genius
National GeographicNational Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Sheppard Software
State Facts
U.S. States Map Game

Hour of Code


Grade K-4 Resources

FreeRiceSpelling City

Kid-Friendly Search Engines

Kid RexDuck Duck Go
Enchanted Learning
Internet Public Library Kidspace

Theme-based Unit Links

Capital Catch
Penguin Hop
State and Capital Matching
State Capital Map Quiz
State Capital Quiz

Simple Machines

Simple Machines -
Museum of Science Games
Zoom Games - Goldburger to Go - PBS Kids


Ancient Egypt for Kids
Egypt Activities and Games for Kids
Egyptian Hieroglyphics
Hieroglyphic Writing -
Hieroglyphics, Rosetta Stone - Ancient Egypt for Kids


Children of Invention -


Identify Rocks Game - Geology for Kids
Mineralogy 4 Kids
Rock Hound Kids
Rocks For Kids

Magic, Mystery and Puzzles

Harry Houdini - Biography, Facts, Trivia,...
Houdini Box Vocab Games
MysteryNet's Kids


CalTech - Learning about Rainforests
Magikbirds Facts Sheets - Tropical Rainforests
Internet Geography - Tropical Rainforests
PBS - Journey into Amazonia
Kids' Corner Rainforest Alliance
National Geographic Kids - Rainforests
NHPTV NatureWorks- Rainforests
National Geographic - Rain Forest at Night
Rainforest Education Website
Missouri Botanical Garden Rainforest Topics
Sheppard Software - Rainforest Animals
Science Museum of Minnesota - Strata
Tropical Rainforests - Mongabay
Rainforest Animals