The librarian sitting on a rocking chair reading a book to students sitting on a rug in front of her.

Welcome to the Teaticket Library!

The Teaticket Library supports the classroom curriculum, teaches students how to locate information, encourages learning and reading and provides an opportunity for students to borrow materials.

The library is open and is staffed by library teacher Kathy Rodriguez. Students visit once a week for a formal research skill lesson, exposure to literature and the opportunity to borrow materials. All library loans are for one week.

Volunteers are needed to help check books in and out, reshelve books, straighten shelves and assist students. Please contact Kathy if you are interested in volunteering. Your help will have a great impact on the library!

Kathy Rodriguez, M.Ed.
[email protected]

Library Rules

Created by Teaticket Students

1. Respect Each Other

This means we talk one at a time. We raise hands when we want to speak, wait to be called on and use whole body listening when someone is speaking.

2. Respect the Books

This means using a space saver, putting books back where they belong, keeping library books safe and clean.

3. Respect the Space

This means we keep the library neat, push chairs in and clean up after ourselves.


Do you remember your username and password?

Remember, it is set up a little backwards.

Your username is your student ID.

Your password is your first letter of your first name then the first seven letters of your last name (or the whole name if it is less than seven letters).

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